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Treviso is a city in the Veneto Region located 30 km far from Venice in the middle of a plain between the Gulf of Venice and the Alps, abounding in rivers.

The municipality has a population of 82,000, the city hinterland approximately 170,000.

Water is the outstanding character of the city: Sile, Cagnan and Botteniga flow through the old town centre divided into many canals, giving it the look of a “Venice on dry land”.

I believe in Italy there isn’t another city where the relationship with the water is so intimate as in Treviso.

Though there is not lack of gorgeous monuments, Treviso is essentially a city to enjoy walking under the arcaded streets or along the banks of the canals.

The starting point for a visit to the city is the central Piazza dei Signori, the main square in Treviso. The most important city monuments overlook here: Palazzo dei Trecento, the Civic Tower and Palazzo della Prefettura.

From Piazza Dei Signori, walking under the "Portico dei Soffioni" you can reach a little square, Piazzetta del Monte di Pietà:

In the Middle Age Palazzo dei Trecento was the seat of the city council. In April 1944, during the 2 WW, a bomb, launched by the Americans in an aerial raid that produced devastations in the whole historical center, partially destroyed the ancient building. The palace was restored and now you can see a kind of scar on the façade.

Canale dei Buranelli is one of the landmarks:

Church of San Francesco (XIII century)

Pescheria is an islet sheltering the fish market and one of the quaintest places in town.

Treviso was a Roman city, flourished in Middle Age becoming in the XIII century one of the main Italian centres for what is concerned with Provençal poetry. The city was surrounded by walls since the beginning of its history; today you can admire those ones built by the Venetians in the XVI century, the most remarkable parts are the two monumental gates, Porta dei Santi Quaranta e Porta San Tomaso.

Another outstanding character of the city is constituted by several painted façades, diffused in the whole historical centre, for which Treviso is probably the main centre of northern Italy with regard to external decorations.

Calmaggiore is the main street of the old town, where overlook many shops and elegant buildings; it links Piazza dei Signori to the Duomo (cathedral).

In Piazza del Duomo you can find the baptistery and the cathedral with its magnificent domes.



Piazza Pola

The gothic church of San Nicolò is the most impressive in the city. It was built between the XIII and The XIV century.

You can enjoy the most beautiful scenery walking down the banks of the Sile River as far as the Ponte Dante (Dante’s Bridge), built over the point “where Sile meets with Cagnan”, as you can read in the Divine Comedy (Paradise, IX, v. 49).

Along the stroll you can admire the Old Hospital, now restored and converted into the local seat of the University of Padua. Moreover, here you can find shops, little squares, bars, offices and houses too.

Ponte Dante:

Old Hospital of Santa Maria dei Battuti, now University.


Walking down the old town centre:

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